I am Bertil, and I am the one who survived. I have lived my whole life in a positive spirit. I just didn’t know that everything I’ve been through is about the Law of Attraction which I learned when I heard Malin’s lecture. Me and my daughter Marie can attest that miracles and the Law of Attraction really do exist if you just ask for it. Bertil and Marie, who are mentioned in the lecture on the Law of Attraction

Thank you for a great lecture yesterday. I am so happy that all that you talked about yesterday, the law of attraction, healing and miracles is finally reaching “ordinary” people and not just those who already believe. You are certainly the right person to deliver that message. And I think it’s great that you’re a woman too. Annika Nettervik, listener

I have never cried and laughed so much at the same time at a lecture as I did on May 23 at Kunskapsdagarna. It’s funny and brave that you want to share your life’s journey in such a personal way. Thanks for that! I want to buy your book when it comes out! Petra Forssell, listener

We are the ones who have drawn the lottery to meet you and hear your entertaining, exciting, thought-provoking, deeply engaging, moving, knowledge-enhancing, warm and loving lecture. We look forward to the next opportunity You visit Söders Källa and hope more Gävle residents get to experience this. The best lecture I have heard in a very long time. Anette Svedinger, Söderskälla, Gävle

It’s been a few weeks since I heard you at Soul Aid. I’m not surprised that you have been nominated for “New best lecturer of the year”! Your lecture is and always comes back to me. Your strength, trust and hope were conveyed to me. Your genuine humility has come to my attention through this forum  Du e Suuuuuuuuuper ♥♥♥ Mia Hansen, listener

Malin is a fantastic lecturer and tells about painting with feeling and empathy. We are tossed between elephant encounters, wise people, luxury hotels in India and enormous healing powers. An absolutely fantastic lecture that I can warmly recommend. Josefin Dahlberg, listener

Yes Malin, what can I say other than that “We are all included in the law of attraction” I live it…with the boost I got from your lecture. You made me take the “end off the wagon” and believe in what I desired…visualize it…from thought and desire to action. Then it just somehow happened !!! It works, I’m the first to confirm. I got a wonderful job and accommodation… Think how happy I am So all of you who might be reading this… IT WORKS !!! Thank you wonderful Malin Elisabeth Frendberg, audience

There was no hesitation in giving you a 10 you gorgeous!! Thank you so much for letting me come and you really did wonders for me!! You have made me look at life in a new way, the bright side!!! Thank you again, you lovely and beautiful person!!! Get back to me next week!! So long be well!!! Many warm hugs Helena Eckemark, listener

” Malin, you bring emotions and inspiration to life! Many people talk about what it’s like to meet people who bring positive energy, YOU are truly ONE of them. I’m just saying, EVERYONE should go to a lecture with you or you’re missing out on something in life.” Isabell Foleby InkassoNET Sweden AB

It happens that new lecture stars are born in the Swedish sky! Now it has done so and with gusto! Personally, I am very picky when it comes to professional speakers, as the undersigned has listened to the world’s leaders for decades. Malin Hammar is guaranteed to be one of Sweden’s most appreciated and sought-after lecturers with her skillful interdisciplinary balance between private and professional, between spirituality and business, science and faith! Education manager Fransisko Condro, Coach University

Many thanks for your wonderful story and all the great tips you shared. I am so grateful that I got to be a part of your life. I wish you all the best and that you have a wonderful continued life, you are so valuable to many people. Susanne Axelsson, Mary Kay

Have just been to a VERY rewarding lecture with Malin Hammar. What a story! What a personality! What energy and love! I must meet that person several times…That person everyone should listen to…Susanne Erlandson, Hillye

Was at Malin’s lecture on the Law of Attraction, ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! You are a wonderful lecturer, so fascinating when you told about your experiences with the Law of Attraction. Everyone in the audience was 100% there the whole time, either laughing, dumbfounded or happy. Yes, the joy was greatly increased in the room. It was a lovely message you conveyed, I left there with light happy steps and a lot of hope within me. Thank you Malin, you are the best thing I have met on my “path” in a long time. Mia Sein, Crafts

I want to thank you so much for your speech and for being who you are. I admire you and your strength. Meeting you yesterday was extremely inspiring and rewarding. We need more people like you in this world. Jennifer Malmqvist, IBS Student Washington DC 09/10

Malin touches and lifts hearts and gives inspiration to the soul and thought with her positive energy, warmth and generosity. Her courage is admirable, knowledge and experience fascinating-simply outstanding. Monica Vranic, Production Supervisor HQ STS

Thank you Malin for an inspiring lecture! You touch at the same time as you give a lot of concrete advice. I admire your drive and combined with your radiant warm appearance, you are unique as a lecturer! I look forward to hearing from you more! Madeleine Hansson, producer Ekviligrium Talarförmedling AB

Thank you Malin, it was a phenomenal lecture that you gave us with incredibly useful experiences both from your professional and private life. Johan Andren, Successful Relationships

I’ve been thinking about you a lot since the talk and all you gave of yourself. It gave me many reflections and what made an overriding impression on me was that there was both love, gratitude and humility in your performance. Qualities that I value a lot. Also, you were a true inspiration. Ann Lundbom, Successful Development

Malin is an interesting person with a rich life with many experiences that can give many people inspiration in their everyday lives. Roger Ohlsson, Marketing area manager Riksbyggen

I know you will do a lot of good by sharing with others from your truly GLOBAL field of expertise! Your story is Amazing! Inspiration! and a wake-up call for all of us. I still reflect upon your lecture and our meeting (from one New Yorker to another) – both of which have left lasting impressions. Best of luck to you
Linda Thomas, Illustrator

Thank you for a fast-paced and captivating story about yourself and your life. It was extremely inspiring to hear you speak. About your travels, about all the amazing people you met, and about how this influenced you and made you who you are today. Malin Hammar, a talented and wise woman, who I would very much like to listen to more! Siv Thuresdotter, Qoola Qvinnor

We all sat like candles, for the first time in 2 days. You should know that you are dealing with “tough” girls. You swung the skirt with your hand at one point-perfect! (10 year old who is a bit shy) Your laughter on various occasions made everyone smile. You grew VERY BIG INTELLECTUALLY in our eyes but this was perfect. Meeen, you just added flavor! Marita Svensson, listener

Under the auspices of Femmenet, I have had the opportunity to be inspired by Malin Hammar. She has a big heart and generously offered both herself and lots of concrete, good advice suitable for both large and small companies. Here there is competence, experience and pedagogical ability in a beautiful combination. Eva Klingström, Omtanken