Nominated for Member of the Year 2010 by Riksförbundet för coacher och föreläsare

Elected as Ambassador 2011-2012 for women’s entrepreneurship by the Government’s “Growth Agency. “”  This assignment was also extended for 2013-2014

Nominated for Best New Lecturer of the Year 2011 by “Riksförbundet för coacher och föreläsare”

“Lecturer of the Year 2012” by Soul Aid Awards

Nominated for “Business Networker of the Year 2013” BNI, Business Network International

Nominated for “Act of the Year 2013” on Faktumgalan, who work for the homeless and vulnerableom

Appointed to place 291 in Göteborgspostens “1000 goda gärningar(1000 good deeds) as well as number 6 of these 1000 in attention within Social Media

“Benefactor of the Year 2015” by Soul Aid Awards