Private consultations

I have gotten a lot of joy out of mentoring many people, and now want to step out and spend more time doing this. That’s why I offer private consultations for private individuals and self-employed people.


I help you with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, fear, doubt, negative thoughts and more. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the person change their way of thinking, and live with joy, gratitude and positive thinking.


I look at your brand, logo, marketing, sales, PR and press. We go through what you need for your business to have more success.

All you have to do is write to me at and we’ll take it from there. Warm welcome!

A consultation takes 2-2 1/2 hours.

Said about me as a private consultant:

There was no hesitation in giving you a 10 you gorgeous!! Thank you so much for letting me come and you really did wonders for me!! You have made me look at life in a new way, the bright side!!! Thank you again, you lovely and beautiful person!!! Get back to me next week!! So long be well!!! Many warm hugs Helena Eckemark

My two days with Malin gave me so much. She got me out of the ditch and back on track. She gave me such strength and peace of mind. She managed to give me back my inner strength. What a gift You are You wonderful mentor and friend. Big Love to You Malin. And Buddy. Hug Lotta

Malin came into my life at exactly the right time. Was taken to her lecture without knowing anything about this Malin Hammar. In addition, I have for several years undergone a long journey in my personal development with the help of Buddhism and The Secret. I was stuck. And there she was, our eyes met across the audience and I knew this was my sign from the universe. We all have it in us, but sometimes we need a little help to bring it out. Thank you Beloved friend and mentor for coming into my life. Thank you for your guidance and thank you for teaching me to see myself. Warm hugs Elin Kraft